Speak Into the Atmosphere

Speak into the atmosphere

“I shall have…what I decree. Yes I believe, it belongs to me. So I’m gonna speak into the atmosphere.”

Myron Butler was onto something with this one, ya’ll!

If you haven’t heard the song before, I urge you to click the link RIGHT NOW, and then come back to continue reading.

This song moves me. It is powerful–just listen to the words. Allow the lyrics to minister to you and really receive the message.

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4 Ways to Test Your Hair Health

Before and after testing hair health

During the first quarter of the year, my focus is my hair’s health. Length is great, but what’s the point if it will soon break off from being dry and brittle and damaged? There are 4 main ways to test your hair health that I will be covering here.

Last month, we asked the question, “Is Your Hair Still Unhealthy?”

While no one knows the true answer for your hair but you, there are some practical ways to test your hair health and find out.

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Can You Cast the First Stone?

Can you cast the first stone?

Well, are you without sin?

I’m gonna venture to say no, followed by another great big uh-no!

See, we were born in sin and through sin we were conceived…we all fall down and fall short on a daily basis. (My loose paraphrasing of Psalms 51:5 and Romans 3:23). To think that we have the right to even figuratively throw stones at others is largely and completely hypocritical. Read More