The Number One Thing I’ve Learned

I’ve always been referred to as an ‘old soul’. Through the years, I’ve grown to appreciate the title. Even with feeling older and more mature, there are some things I’ve had to learn-as-I-go. Now that I’m officially a thirty-something, I’ve had an opportunity to reflect on many irrefutable lessons that life has been so gracious to teach me. Read More

Letting Go

It’s always been rather difficult for me to let go, both physically and emotionally. I clearly recall times when I’ve been in relationships and literally did not want to let go of the guy long enough for him to even leave my presence. Let’s not even get into breakups! I was an emotional wreck after two–that were several years ago–in particular. A depressed, miserable, emotional wreck because I would not emotionally let go of what was already done.

I know, that’s all ridiculously absurd! It’s real though–don’t judge me.

Letting go was just not my thing, ya’ll.

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Going Back to Bondage

Why walk back into the prison you were just freed from?

It happens…I’ve certainly done it–I would venture to say that we’ve all done it at some point. Slobbering and crying and seeking deliverance from the bondage…desperately searching for freedom from the chains. It’s one thing to purge, but that’s only part of the solution. We need to go a step further. Read More