Hey ya’ll!! I’m Candace and I am SuperNATURAL with supernatural-divine-favor…crowned by my curls, and abundantly blessed by the Most High King. Since I did my mini-chop in October 2015, I haven’t looked back. Never thought I’d say it, but I absolutely LOVE being natural!

Learning to Love Myself

My natural hair journey technically began in 2013, but I fried my poor little strands so much with constant flat-ironing and heat. At that point, I ONLY rocked my own hair if it was straight, which was always rather limp and lifeless. Straight or sewn-in hair had grown to be my security blanket for most of my adolescent and adult life. I had kicked relaxers to the curb, but I still had a lot to learn about healthy hair and about myself. My self-image was horrible and I honestly didn’t feel pretty enough to be natural.

It wasn’t until mid to late 2014 that I began to actually love myself enough to take off my mask and let everyone see more of the real me. With the help of a book I read called, “This Isn’t the Life I Signed Up For,” by Donna Partow, I was able to come clean to a lot of people I had hurt and to those who had hurt me as well. I wrote letters, I prayed, I fasted and I was finally honest to myself and others about some of the most difficult struggles in my life.

Because of that book, I came to know God in a whole new light. Finally, I began to love myself for who God created me to be. Finally, the ties that had me bound were breaking.

Purpose and Passion

With stretched out hair and outstretched arms, I praise God! I know now–without the shadow of a doubt–that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I’m not just quoting the scripture, I’m living it!

So, expect encouragement from this blog as I share with you what God has first poured into me. This isn’t your normal natural hair blog. I cannot guarantee that it will always be eloquent or that it will make you feel all tingly inside. What I can guarantee, though, is that each message will be a direct reflection of my obedience to God.

Ultimately, I want us all to feel confident and beautiful in our own skin, with or without our own hair (lol), by first understanding that God created us just the way we are, on purpose.

Stay encouraged y’all