Calendars, schedules, vision boards, tools, and resources to accomplish tasks.

Calendar scheduled and mapped out, but it’s not working.

Vision boards with cut-outs, quotes, and motivation of hopes of things to come–but it’s not working.

Invest in the tools, download the resources, but it’s not working.

Even when it seems like it’s not working in the natural, God is STILL working!!

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What to Do When It’s Not Working

How to Start a Simple Natural Hair Regimen

How to start a natural hair journey

Simple Natural Hair Regimen

Implementing a natural hair regimen can be very confusing and overwhelming. With social media, blogs, YouTube, and the like, we are inundated with information of how to start a natural hair regimen. It’s safe to say that every routine will not work for everyone, but I will be sharing how to start a simple natural hair regimen–because I like simple!  Read More

Speak Into the Atmosphere

Speak into the atmosphere

“I shall have…what I decree. Yes I believe, it belongs to me. So I’m gonna speak into the atmosphere.”

Myron Butler was onto something with this one, ya’ll!

If you haven’t heard the song before, I urge you to click the link RIGHT NOW, and then come back to continue reading.

This song moves me. It is powerful–just listen to the words. Allow the lyrics to minister to you and really receive the message.

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